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Lacey P. Hunter


black and white photo of Lacey Hunter in a black turtleneck facing forward with a smile.

Lacey Hunter is a professor of Africana Studies at Rutgers University-Newark where she teaches courses on the history, cultures, and experiences of African descended people throughout the Americas as well

Christina R. Strasburger


photo of Christina Strasburger facing forward with smile.

Christina Strasburger is an administrative and academic professional with over two decades of experience. As Department Administrator for History and Africana Studies at Rutgers University-Newark, she provides a range of

Lauren Shallish


headshot of Lauren Challish in a black blazer faced forward with a smile

Dr. Lauren Shallish is a community-engaged scholar researching disability studies and higher education. She currently serves as Associate Department Chair of Urban Education and Associate Professor of Disability Studies at Rutgers

LaChan V. Hannon


headshot of LaChan Hannon in a black turtleneck facing forward with a smile

LaChan V. Hannon PhD @lvhannonphd is the Director of Teacher Preparation & Innovation and an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark. LaChan

Kristyn Scorsone


Photo of Kristyn Scorsone smiling forward in front of brick building,

Kristyn Scorsone (they/them) is a PhD candidate in the American Studies program at Rutgers University-Newark and longtime member of the Queer Newark Oral History Project. Their forthcoming dissertation, A Way Out

Denell Marsh


Photo of Denell Marsh in a yellow top facing forward with a smile.

As an esteemed educator with a passion for igniting the spark of knowledge within young minds, Denell Marsh has made a significant impact during her tenure as an adjunct professor

Natacha Robert


Natacha Robert is an educator, activist, and artist. She is a current doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University in the department of Curriculum and Teaching. Her research focuses on

Nancy Tavárez


Nancy Tavárez is a doctoral student at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests focus on social justice education, curriculum, teacher education, indigenous education, multilingual education, and the experiences of

Dimitri Reyes


Dimitri Reyes is a Boricua multidisciplinary artist, content creator, and educator from Newark, New Jersey. Dimitri’s most recent book, Papi Pichón (Get Fresh Books, 2023) was a finalist for the

Joel Negron


Joel Negron is a Research Assistant for the Department of Urban Ed. at Rutgers University-Newark. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice with a focus on Justice Studies with Summa