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Moira Armstrong


Moira Armstrong, a white person with black glasses and short brown hair wearing a gray turtleneck sweater, stands in front of a bookshelf, smiling.

Moira Armstrong is a PhD student in American Studies at Rutgers University – Newark. They received a BA in English and history with a minor in LGBTQ studies from Kent

Mustafa Bagnato-Lumbsden


Mustafa Bagnato-Lumbsden is a writer, teacher, and advocate dedicated to supporting children and adults with disabilities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a professional degree

Naomi Extra

Facilitator, Using Poetry to Teach Black Queer History (2022)

Naomi Extra is a poet, writer, and scholar. She received her PhD in American Studies from Rutgers University, Newark. In both her creative and scholarly work, she explores the themes

Rosie Jayde Uyola

Facilitator, LGBTQIAA++ in the African Diaspora (2022)

photo of Rosie Jayde Uyola in red top faced slightly to the side

ROSIE JAYDE UYOLA is a K-12 teacher, independent scholar, documentary filmmaker, and researcher of memory, commemoration, colonialism/imperialism, and Black Life and Culture. Rosie’s publications include “Memory and the Long Civil