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Past Events from November 12, 2022 – October 28, 2023 – Teaching Against Erasure Past Events from November 12, 2022 – October 28, 2023 – Teaching Against Erasure

LGBTQIAA++ in the African Diaspora


In this two-hour session, we will analyze primary and secondary sources, as well as teaching strategies for including queer Black voices into your World History and World Literature classes, advisory, and Gender/Diversity clubs. Together, we will explore contemporary media, short stories, autobiographical writing, and legislation. This workshop asks how Black diasporic contexts challenge Western or … Read More

Indigenous Histories: On and Off the Page


Decolonizing teaching and learning through greater inclusion of First Nation voices in our curriculum. Join us for our virtual event crossing over Teaching Against Erasure and Urgent Conversation discussion about decolonizing teaching and learning through greater inclusion of First Nation voices in our curriculum. Drawing on the scholarship, activism, art, and writing of Amber Starks, Dr. Kyle … Read More


Politically Speaking: Carceral Practice in the Classroom


Speak only when spoken to or when the teacher acknowledges your raised hand. Ask to use the bathroom–except during a test. Follow instructions and limit your questions–unless you want to be labeled a “problem.” These are some of the lessons millions of students learn in public and private school institutions where behavior is prized over … Read More

Teaching Against Erasure Convening

Registration open! This convening will offer thematic workshops led by scholars, community leaders, and veteran teachers. Sessions will emphasize strategies for integrating content focused on Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+ and Dis/Abilities studies material into the existing New Jersey core curriculum content. Participants may register for a morning and afternoon workshop, 9:30am: Check-in and Breakfast 10am: … Read More

Songs of Resistance and Resilience

This workshop will explore the rhythms of resistance and resilience with songs that encouraged marginalized people to continue their fight for social justice and change. It will use music to amplify the voices and discuss the history of marginalized communities throughout history. Facilitator: As an esteemed educator with a passion for igniting the spark of … Read More

Compliance or culture?: Toward an understanding of disability justice and collective liberation 

Rights alone are not justice. A narrow focus on compliance provides little sense that the acknowledgement ofr inclusion of disabled communities have any larger benefit or that accommodations serve anyone other than the person who requests them.  How can we move past legal compliance to understand disability in all of its complexity-- as a culture, … Read More

Language Arts and Social Studies as Soul Sisters: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Engaging Students in Critical Conversations

Recognizing that many New Jersey teachers are hesitant to discuss issues of social justice and current events occurring in many communities, this 90-minute session will discuss and practice how to use specific resources to guide and engage students in conversations about marginalization and discrimination. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide and situating topics that involve … Read More

Affirming Indigenous Epistemology Through a Land Curriculum

A Work in Progress In Collaboration with Lunaape/Lenape Tribal Nation and the Public History Project  Through a land curriculum, this workshop explores the knowledge, experiences, and histories of the New Jersey Lunaape/Lenape peoples. During this eighty-minute workshop, we will discuss ideas and engage in activities that ground land curriculum and affirm indigenous ways of knowing … Read More